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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sun Sash - Vartan

"From this faith, no one can shake us, neither angels nor men; 
neither sword, nor fire, nor water, nor any, nor all other horrid tortures. 
All our goods and possessions are in your hands, our bodies are 
before you; dispose of them, as you will.

If you leave us to our belief, we will, here on earth, choose 
no other master in your place, and in heaven choose 
no other God in place of Jesus Christ, for there is no other God. 
But should you require anything beyond this great testimony, 
here we are; our bodies are in your hands; do with them as 
you please. Tortures from you, submission from us; 
the sword is yours, the neck ours. We are no better than 
our forefathers who, for the sake of this faith, surrendered 
their goods, their possessions, and their bodies.

Were we even immortal, it would become us to die for the 
love of Christ; for He Himself was immortal and so loved 
us that He took death on Himself that we, by His death, 
might be freed from eternal death. And since He did not spare 
His immortality, we, who became mortal of our own will, will 
die for His love willingly, so that He may make us participants 
in His immortality. We shall die as mortals that He accepts our 
death as that of immortals.

Do not therefore interrogate us further concerning all this 
because our bond of faith is not with men to be deceived like 
children but with God to whom we are indissolubly bound and 
from whom nothing can detach and separate us, neither now, 
nor later, nor forever, nor forever and ever."  
~Letter sent to Hazgert of Persia, from the Armenians, 
lead by St. Vartan Mamikonian. 451AD

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