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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sun Sash - Roses

How often do we have the time or take the time to... really stop and smell the roses? really look at the sunset in awe? look into our children’s eyes and see the hope of tomorrow? really dream with them and believe in tomorrow? believe that peace is possible? dream of a better tomorrow? ... never having enough time to slow down and look, hear, smell, taste and feel life. 
~Lenten Journey Day 18

Getting lost is not intentional. No one begins a journey with the hope of getting lost. The truth is, in the journey of life we come across many difficulties, many obstacles, that prevent us from reaching the fullness that we want in life. Those obstacles stand in front of us like roadblocks as we travel toward our dreams. When the road is blocked, we immediately look for ways to circumvent, to go around the obstacles and in so doing, we swerve off course. We get lost. We discussed this earlier as being one of the foundations of being in a “sinful nature.” That is, we missed the mark. We’re shooting for that perfection but we miss it. We’re off the bull’s-eye. MORE

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