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Monday, March 4, 2013

Sun Sash - Gift

You do not have a right to store it in a closet. You do not have a right to take God’s gift and trash it. It is holy. It is sacred. It's your life! Every blessing, every moment that you have in your life is a sacred gift from God.
~Lenten Journey Day 22

Lenten Journey, Day 22: Stewardship Training This is the week of the steward. Yesterday we read the story of the Dishonest Steward in the Gospel of Luke, in which Jesus uses the metaphor to point to our responsibility in life. We are called to be managers of the life and the talents that God has given us. He asks us to use those talents with our brothers and sisters here in this world. By using the metaphor of stewardship, Jesus makes it very clear that READ 

In Step with Christ Broadcast for March 3, 2013 - watch below

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Apostolic Tweets: Armenian & Latin
Fr. Vazken Movsesian
2 Mar 2013
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Anush's Pomegranate Seeds: "Loving Divorce"
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