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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sun Sash - Farsightedness

Truly, farsightedness is a very special gift given to the Christian,
to see crucifixions through the lens that reveals resurrection.
~Lenten Journey #34

On this final Saturday of the Lenten season, the Armenian Church commemorating St. Gregory the Illuminator’s (circa 290AD) admission into the “Great Pit” (Khorvirab). The Great Pit was a place of exile and punishment, where St. Gregory was sentenced for the capital offense of spreading the Christian Gospel through Armenia. For thirteen long years he remained in that subterranean dungeon, being nourished and cared for by the prayer and love of a faithful young lady who had converted to Christianity. He found the strength – the kind which comes from within – to challenge the system and to remain faithful to the principles and beliefs that are at the core of Christianity. Meanwhile, the message of Christ had been planted and was now blossoming, in this young girl’s heart. Both St. Gregory and this young lady, Khosrovidughd, showed strength and MORE

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White Smoke Tweets
Fr. Vazken Movsesian 14 Mar 2013
Next Step #249: From the white smoke a tweet signals the election of Pope Francis and opening the doors of the fourth estate. Fr. Vazken refects on this election, the Pope, Orthodoxy and the Catholicism. Issues of social justice and the times ahead will be challenging. Spinning the Pope - News alert on the Pope and Armenian victimization. Toward the end of the Lenten season and the End of times - where to focus your attention. Final thoughts on living in the eternal present. The God question in cosmology. Why Armodoxy is necessary at this point. Pi Day, though its just an approximation, it'll get better in 2 years. Sharing a book list.
Song: Our Father "Hayr Mer" by Duduk Quartet
Anush's Pomegranate Seed: Walking by Heart with God
Coming up this Sunday - Gala Danilova will be talking about the landmine clearing in Artzakh - streamed at
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