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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sun Sash - Sashed the Sun (1 year)

Sashed the Sun
Since the first installment of this blog, we have revolved once around the Sun, sashing it. Once-a-day, at 12:08A (PST), I've shared with you quotes & comments - 365 in all - that have had some meaning to me and/or to the day. Reading the quotes next to the date, time and/or celebration will tell a story, for those who are looking for one. For me, they are diary-entries, of sorts.

I was once told that you can't live by these one-liners. I agree. But in this 140-character age of Twitter and Facebook posts, it is important to articulate concepts and thoughts efficiently and effectively. And for that reason alone, I've found these sashes to be inspirational in content and in form. If we don't live by them, we certainly live with them.

It has been a fun trip around the Sun. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. 
~ Fr. Vazken

The way it began...
On September 26, 2012 - at the celebration of Fr. Vazken's 30th Anniversary, Sun Sash was announced.

Where to find...
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Weekly Newsletter - The Key
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